Sabnzbd- change default save folders


Just got my vero 4k+ and am busy trying to install the various media download programs I had on Windows. I have sabnzbd installed and am trying to configure the defaults download and unrar folders. On Windows I could just browse the file system to find the drive, but on debian I appear to be locked into the osmc drive and can’t add my local HDDs. Any help gratefully appreciated. :slight_smile:

Never used Sabnzbd, but i would try to make a softlink to your download folder on your external drive to your osmc folder. This is assuming you are using automounts:

ln -s /media/[yourdrivelabel]/[foldername] /home/osmc/Sabnzbd

Replace [yourdrivelabel] with the actual information, same goes for [folder]( both without ), then in Sabnzbd set it to /home/osmc/Sabnzbd

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