Hi, there is an addon “SACD ISO support” for OSMC. Unfortunately, I can not play SACD ISOs on my Pi4 with Kodi v19 installed, even with the addon enabled.
When playing via Videoplayer an error message appears (“at least one file cannot be played”), when starting to play via PAPlayer the system crashes immediately and restarts.
The sound is output via HDMI to a DSD-capable receiver. The current log file can be found under
Would be great if this would work - then I could copy my multichannel SACDS to the NAS and play them via the Pi4.

Can you try this on Kodi on another platform (Windows PC), and see if you can reproduce?

I tried it on a Pi3 with the older Kodi version - there the playback of the SACD ISO file worked, but only in PCM stereo. Unfortunately, nothing can be set here in the addon - unlike the RP4 with Kodi19.

For testing I installed kodi v19 and the addon also on a FireTV stick 4K. With the integrated players, the ISO file could not be played. Settings in the addon work, but show no effect.

I think this indicates an upstream Kodi issue then and should be reported there.

Okay Sam, too bad. Thanks anyway