Sad face after component video config


I’m like a two hour noob here but I made progress. I was able to install OSMC on my ATV1 but on first boot I got a black screen. I think all it was just the component config because I heard the KODI “swoosh” sounds when I pressed the remote buttons. I ssh’ed into the ATV and copied and pasted the config changes as specified here. Now after it starts up I get the Sad Face and no more “swoosh” sounds. Did I kill it with my config changes. Can someone point me in the right direction ?


Ok, before anybody answers I’ll give you a good laugh. I was in such a rush I didn’t scroll down on the config and left part of the config out. Going to try it again.

Ciao Macsnjets,

did it worked?
If Yes, can you send me the File and can you tell me exactly where to put it on my Appletv?