Sad face after reinstall

Ok, so I’ve been using OSMC on rpi3 for quite some time and it’s been very stable.

A few days ago @sam_nazarko helped me conclude that I indeed seemed to be running on a counterfeit SD card that had given up.

I purchased a new SD card from a from e legit re seller and reinstalled OSMC. Pretty much the same config as before. This time around I didn’t install a no-ip client, also this is a install with the december update!

Here is the dpkg.log

I had to upload the kodi.log since it was very large. It’s been edited for privacy reasons

Now, the SD card contains pretty much the same configuration aside from the no-ip client and an older build of onkyo-eiscp

The crashed are frequent and happen both with http-streams and nfs-streams

Before this I almost forgot OSMC could crash!

Logs aren’t complete, but you have half installed packages. Whatever you have tried to install has left dpkg in a stuck state, and you should resolve this first.

This likely hasn’t caused your crashes, but it may be a cause of instability. I’d recommend starting with a fresh install and installing one thing at a time, wait 24 hours, and build up the system.

The OSMC log uploader will handle up to 10MB logs. In a few months this will increase.

Ok, maybe that’s the way I’ll have to go. Seems odd since everything is working on the read-only SD card. Then again, I can’t remember having to install netifaces for using the previous onkyo-eiscp build

Yeah, the log is 30MB in size so I had to upload it elsewhere

Trim the log if you can. It shouldn’t need to be that large.