Sad face caused by temp directory?

For the past 2 days my OSMC PI2 has been failing to boot and hung up at a sad face.
I tried to ssh into it to get a copy of the log file so I could post it to see what was happening.
It was then that I noticed that the temp directory had a gazillion files in it. That seemed a bit weird so I attempted to clean them out and I was prevented, saying theay were read only.
To get around all this I took the SD card to my Linux desktop and cleaned up the temp directory and lo and behold it booted up just fine.

So, i am curious as to why that happened, and if in fact it caused the sad face, why is not the temp folder cleaned up periodically .

Any clues ?

Do you use PVR? Have you modified video cache at all? I had one Pi that filled the temp directory with cache files until the sd was full, I THINK this was due to improper shutdown while watching PVR.
That particular Pi was being used by a computer illiterate person for live/recorded TV. I have 3 other Pi used for TV viewing and have not seen this problem

Dill, I dont know what PVR is nor if it is active. Also I do not know how to modify the video cache.
What can I check for ?
I remember that when my PI was stopped that there was a lot of space left on the SD card, 20gb+
There was something in the \temp directory that was causing the grief. And as I recall I think that there were some large files associated with a Kodi update or somesuch.


Kodi updates don’t touch any temp directories.

Which temp directory are you referring to - /tmp or /home/osmc/.kodi/temp ? And what were the files called ?

The directory was /home/osmc/.kodi/temp and some of the files were:
A lot of .srt (subrip subtitles). I estimate about 50+
About 20 of .fi as
A 150mb file openElec-RPI.arm-5.0.8.tar
And 2 named commoncache.db

Curiously, there was also another /temp directory:
I thought that was odd

My point is that it appears that something in the /temp directory caused a solid freeze and I would like to do something to prevent it from happening again.
What I now do is a periodic look at that directory to see if anything looks amiss.
I guess I could figure out some startup script that could clean it out but I will hold off on that.


The problem is whatever addons you’re using are filling your storage space in .kodi/temp/ with subtitle files and not cleaning removing them! And I can assure you that YOU are the only one who took steps that resulted in some openElec.tar file appearing there.