Sad face doesnt auto reboot anymore

I am a tinker in my skins and sometimes when i change a lot a get a sad face, previously the sad face would auto reboot the vero, but since a few updates it doesn’t to that anymore, and i have to reboot through ssh. Is there something changed in this process?


Try updating.

I am already on the latest update from bullseye.

Either Sam didn’t push that or it didn’t work because I still have the issue on both my test builds.

In the meantime if you push any button on your remote it should then come back after a few seconds. At least it has been for me.

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Should only be an issue on older 4.9.269 test builds which aren’t Bullseye based. The 4.9.113 kernel shouldn’t be affected.

Do you get this result?

osmc@vero4kp2:~$ grep read /usr/bin/mediacenter
		read -n 1 -s -t 1 dump </dev/tty1
		read -n 1 -s -t 10 key </dev/tty1


I have this issue as well. Sad face stays. Requires a button press. Latest bullseye.

The fix is now pushed. You might have to wait an hour or so (from when I’m typing this) before you’ll be able to get it.

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Ok. Thank you.

Thanks for fixing it so fast!