Sad face during install of Czech language

In last 2 months I made a few new installation of OSMC - all over Pinn
It was on Pi2, Pi3 and Pi4. Everytime when I select during first start guide czech language I have sad face - if I select english, there is no any problem. After recovery the view is little changed and next select of czech language was usually ok
Log after recovery is here:
I hope that problem is in the end of kodi old log
Thanks for your help
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Does this issue only occur with the Czech language?

It happens also for Italian after a fresh installation (just occurred today when I did a clean install of my Vero V with Feb image, but it always happened on both 4K+ and V with previous image files),

This also happened on my brand new Vero V for Swedish.

Thanks for the reports guys.

If you run sudo rm /walkthrough_completed and restart, the walkthrough should appear again. Does selecting the language still cause a crash?

Trying to work out if this is a first run problem or occurs every time.



Hello Sam
Thanks for your help
Today I made some tests and here is result:
When I have already switched to Czech and run sudo rm /walkthrough_completed, there is no problem.
But when I switch in Kodi to English and run sudo rm /walkthrough_completed the sad face hapened imediately after confirmation of Czech language.
Tested twice with same result. 2nd attempt was after update to last version.
t looks like problem is not specific language, but change from English.
Edit: Strange is, that if I have switched to Czech, run sudo rm /walkthrough_completed and now select english, the language not change and stay Czech language.
I hope it help. If you need some other tests please let me know


Thanks. I’ll look in to this - it might be a recent change from when we moved to Kodi v21. I suspect that something needed to change the language isn’t fully up and running by the time we bring up the tutorial.

Kodi v 21?
I think February update was about Kodi v20.3?
I can make more precise debug - which part of aditional debug will be helpfull?


Sorry I meant v20.