Sad face loop after software update

A few minutes ago my Vero 4K+ decided to download some updates. When prompted, I said yes to rebooting to install the update. Now all I get is an endless loop of sad faces.

It is still possible to connect to it via SSH while that’s going on, but it never successfully launches Kodi.

Is there anything that can be done to get it operational again, or do I need to reinstall OSMC from scratch from a micro-sd card?

Have you got the staging repository active?
We are currently pushing some Kodi v18 builds to the experimental repository.

Please post grab-logs -A

Oh, I tried forcing a reboot from the command-line, and also power-cycling it; neither helped.

I may well have.

Will do. Bear with me for a few minutes…

@sam_nazarko: Logs available at

You have the staging repository active.

Jenkins is compiling a new build now. I’ll let you know when this is ready.

You’ll need to manually run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade for this to work again. There may be a couple of additional steps, but hopefully that should do it.

On the plus side, we’ve gained a tester for v18 before we release it.

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Cool. :slight_smile:

The testing isn’t going terribly well so far. :rofl:


The issue is that the skin and other packages need to be updated, but cannot all be built at the same time. So there’s a brief period where not everything is built. Fortunately this is in the staging repository. When we push things to release, we can push everything at the same time as the packages will have already been built.

Should be OK now.


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Okay, up and running again. Cheers, @sam_nazarko.

Maybe you guys need a staging repository for your staging repository. :stuck_out_tongue:

Serious question: if I do come across any bugs in this v18 I’ve accidentally installed, do you want me to report them? And if so, is there a central thread for all such issues, or should I start new threads as and when?

Not yet re thread — but let us know if you run in to any problems.

You may wish to disable the staging repository for stability