Sad face loop following update - Aug 2023

Hi all,

I updated my osmc yesterday, and it got stuck in a loop where it boots to a sad face and reboots repetitively.

Logs have been pasted to:

I don’t think I have too many customisations going on, except maybe some skins. I don’t think I’ve added/changed anything recently.

Can someone please let me know what I did wrong?

Many thanks

You have the experimental staging repository enabled. You should disable this and downgrade.

Hi @sam_nazarko, thanks for the super-quick reply.

Just to be sure, has that come from the line:
deb bullseye-devel main in /etc/apt/sources.list?
and it should be changed to include bullseye in place of bullseye-devel?

I hate to say it, but: btw I use arch. I only mention this to apologise for my unfamiliarity with deb package management

Yes, and then downgrade MESA

Done, and done.

Many thanks, @sam_nazarko, libglapi-mesa:armhf and rbp2-mesa-osmc are now more stable, it appears

Do I add ‘SOLVED’ to the title? I don’t see it with a quick scan at other posts.

Thanks again

No need, there is a “Solution” button that you can use on one of the answers which I have now done for you

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