Sad face loop on rpb

Everything was doing great till I noticed it that the sad face kept looping on my raspberry pi. I’m using OSMC and here’s the log I got before I couldn’t initiate anymore

Can you still access it via SSH? Then you still could upload current logs via grab-logs -A
Alternatively assuming it is an addon problem try
sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv .kodi .kodi_backup
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Here it is:
Just ran the commands you specified but still no luck

Thats strange, can you issue the grab-logs now after you move the .kodi folder?

Yes, here it is:

Please upload a debug log.


====================== UNAME =================== 0wwkXuO5
Linux raspbmc 4.4.27-6-osmc #1 PREEMPT Tue Jan 24 01:44:41 UTC 2017 armv6l GNU/Linux

Classic naming there :slight_smile:

Best advice is to start fresh and try add one add-on at a time. You’ll soon find the culprit.

I dont’t have that file in that path. I found one in /usr/share/kodi/system/advancedsettings.xml. Is it the same? I edited anyway and generated the new log:

No clear reason to be seen, but you ran apt-get upgrade in the past which might have messed up your packages and not led to a dependency problem. Also suggest you check your powersupply and/or external harddisk as it shows quite some errors (but that would not be related to the mediacenter not starting.

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
nano .kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml


sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Sorry forgot that you cleaned the userdata before.
You therefore just should have created the file with the content


editing the other file is not recommended while it at least enabled debug logging

Unfortunately nothing I can see as a clear reason in the the log file, as mentioned earlier maybe dependency issue.
Reinstall maybe the only way out.

Here is with file created:

If there’s no more to be done, is there a way I can backup the database and export it to the new and fresh installation? If so, how do I import? I’m doing this because my I have a huge video and audio library and I want to be the files scanned where they were (images and everything in its place)

I guess your best option is a reinstall. You should be able to recover your database if you backup the .kodi folder you moved earlier which now should be /home/osmc/.kodi_backup. Take a backup of that folder and all it’s subfolders and restore it to .kodi after reinstall (suggest to review the files in the backup to be sure you have your database files.

Thanks, reinstalled and everything is running smooth. I’m having another problem. Now the cpu usage is 100% and can’t play a file because it chops.
Here’s the log
and what the command htop shows

Providing a log with debug logging enabled in Kodi would be more useful.

Debug logging enabled log: