Sad face loop

Hi -

I have a raspberry pi 2, asking your help after failing to solve myself…

I’ve reflashed my SD from backup and the situation returned again. I’ve then reinstalled osmc from scratch and restored from backup within osmc - it works fine for 1-2 days, and then again I have a loop of sad faces just after boot…

Logs are at:

Thanks so much for your great contribution!


These are not debugging logs, check this site for info on how to properly submit them.

How are you powering your pi?

I’ve prepared the logs with grab-logs -A I can’t access kodi and myosmc, and I don’t know how to enable debugging from command line?
The power supply is a 2A power supply I bought back then from modmypi, worked well so far…

Can you check with another SD card?

I’ll check and report back if the issue is reappearing.
If this is the case it means the longevity of my sd cards is pretty short (about 6 month or so…)

The only other culprit are the repositories you installed :wink:

Also you can get the SD card from OSMC with guarantee

OK - after two weeks with a new SD card with no issues, seems that was the issue.

But a new question raised - how to do an “image backup” between SD cards of different sizes?
Let’s say I start with a 16GB card, do a full installation, which takes only few GB - and I wish to use this image with a 4GB card?


Well installing a bigger image on a smaller card is not easily possible. You basically could do an image of the boot partition and then for the second partition doing a filebased copy from a linux based system.

For the more adventurous among you with a separate Linux system, here’s a method of shrinking dd images using gparted. (Caveat: I’m unable to try it right now, so can’t confirm if it works as advertised.)