Sad face on fast forward (arrow up on remote)

I happens a lot when fast forwarding 4K movies. I downloaded a brand new 4K release of Brave and tried it. I open the movie, hit the up button to fast forward and boom; Sad face.

Here’s my log:

You have some issues with your database / library.

I’d suggest fixing those first

I do? Can you tell me what kind of problems?

And why first fix that? It seems unrelated.

Why fast forward just use the jump forward button during playback. It’s the right side of the circle on the vero remote. If you press it multiple times you skip ahead further you can also go back by pressing the left side of the circle

I’m a longtime Kodi user and gotten pretty used to using the up-arrow for skipping chunks. It seems weird that it crashes the system on the Vero 4K+.

But you’re right. Fast forwarding using the right arrow works just fine.