Sad face playing any video

Hi today all of a sudden it appears I get a sad face any time I attempt to play any video I have stored on the USB drive attached to my vero.

These files are known to have been previously working with the vero.

As far as I am aware no settings have been changed although I know I did an update a couple of days back and don’t think I have used since then.

Copy of logs can be found at

Any help appreciated

You are updating from stretch-devel, which, as the name suggests, is a development repository. As such, it will contain potentially unstable builds.

If you want a stable build of OSMC, you need to remove stretch-devel from /etc/apt/sources.list.

Alternatively, you can wait a couple of hours for a new build which should not have these issues

Odd as I have deliberately never added the dev repo into my sources list

Did you check if it’s actually there? If so then you added it; there is no other way stretch-devel could have been put there.

Yes it is there, obviously an easy fix and I’m not trying to argue, but honestly I did not put it there.
I have never had the need to be on a dev build and always wanted to avoid things like this happening so have always stayed away from dev builds deliberately.
Obviously if you don’t want to take this comment seriously that’s fine, no skin of my nose and a fairly easy fix, but I did see a few posts mentioning that they thought they’d removed the entry

There is one way, and only one way that that entry could have been added to sources.list, and that was you. There is no other way it could have been added. Period, end of discussion.

And a quick search of your postings here comes up with this:

So it looks like you added it back in October.

It’s possible that the user tried a hotfix which added staging.
@james.a.milner James – you can update in one hour and all should be resolved. Then I suggest moving back to the stable repository.


There’s no need to be quite so rude about it is there, I had already said there’s no problem.

And saying -
you added it back in October, en of discussion
Is not quite the same as you applied a fix in October that added the entry for you without your knowledge.
May I suggest you brush up on your communication skills and have a think about how you talk to people, a lot of people come here because of the excellent support and customer service they receive. The way you spoke to me was neither helpful nor called for and has a damaging effect on the brand.
End of discussion. Period.

Thanks Sam you’ve been helpful

This should be working now. Let us know if this isn’t the case.

Thanks Sam

Yes just updated to the update that pushed out and all is working now.

I have also commented out the dev source from the sources list as recommended

Thanks very much for your help