Sad Face Reboot Loop after IPTV addon

I’m stuck on a reboot loop after activate and configure IPTV add on.
I have trying rebooting and powering off and on. Menu loads and after 2 seconds it crash and then sad face.
How can I deactivate IPTV add on?


Do you know how to use SSH or WinSCP? You need to move a file called AddonsDb.

Alternatively you can reinstall OSMC if easier

Hi Sam.
Yes I know how to access via Ssh.
After configuring the add on with the m3u url a message with Reboot is necessary appears and then the sad face.
It was the IPTV add on inside PVR add-ons section

If you upload some logs via SSH it may help us see what’s going on

Here you are Sam

The add on was PVR IPTV Simple Client
In the 2 seconds that I see the main menu until it crash I can see a new PVR icon that wasn’t there before

Finally reinstalled osmc as I wasn’t able to solve the reset loop

Please post a log



@sam_nazarko This seems to be older bug with Simple IPTV addon (Crash when the tvg-logo is a data:image · Issue #173 · kodi-pvr/pvr.iptvsimple · GitHub) which causes buffer overflow while logging, there was workaround PR to fix it which was here: CHelper_libXBMC_addon: Avoid buffer overflow in Log by palinek · Pull Request #13984 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

So it looks like a regression after October update, let me know if I can help in any way.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll check this out.

Hello, I’ve been a Vero 4K user since October 17; first post on here.

My first experience of using OSMC and I love it. To date, I’ve had a couple of minor issues (blue light stopped working and occasional sad face watching a show, but really no biggies and overall very happy.)

Tonight though I experienced the issue mentioned here - a sad face boot loop following an OSMC and IPTV re-install.

Briefly, I reinstalled OSMC via USB (for first time), process was flawless.

Re-installed my IPTV client (it was previously working perfectly) but it had recently stopped working as their new installation procedure now requires activation of Simple PVR client.

So I re-installed OSMC; activated Simple PVR client and re-installed IPTV add-on, so far so good.

However when I tried to run the IPTV client the Vero went nuts! Kodi would start up, it would run for a few seconds then crash, unhappy face; then process would start again and loop.

Some lines of code would appear at the top as Kodi started.

The only way I could break the loop was to pull out internet lan cable just after Kodi started up. Then I de-activated simple PVR and the loop was broken.

I tried to reinstall OSMC again but can’t, it just loads up Kodi again, with IPTV add-on still there.

To be honest, I predominantly use my Vero to watch media from a hard drive so it’s far from a disaster as this works fine. It was just nice having the IPTV as a backup to watch the odd show.

Did a forum search and found this topic on here. Definately sounds like the same issue.

Finding a workaround is far beyond my technical abilities so was wondering if there’s any possibility of a fix? The IPTV add-on works fine on my old Android boxes but would just rather use my Vero!

It will be fixed in the next update which will be ready in a few days. Keep an eye out for the blog.



Brilliant Sam, thanks for that and for the fast reply, much appreciated.