Sad face when pressing next chapter

I just setup a new Vero4k+ and am getting a sad face often when pressing next chapter on the remote with 4k HDR MKV movies from a Synology NAS NFS. No problems if I just let the movie play.

Log files

Only TrueHD soundtracks are doing this correct? In Settings>system>audio set the view to expert and enable passthough, transcode, and allow passthrough for AC3 and eAC3. You can try enabling passthough for TrueHD as well but I am unsure if it will work or not with your particular setup. Number of channels will need to remain at your current setting of 2 and DTS should not be set for passthrough as your TV does not support it. Hopefully that should cure the issue until Kodi is able to solve the issues with this format.

That fixed it. Thanks for your help!

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Out of curiosity, did TrueHD passthrough actually work with that TV?


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I posted on this recently in the 4.9 threads. I’ve tried these settings for my 4.9 Vero connected to a Panny soundbar in my kitchen, and I am still experiencing sad-face events when chapter skipping (sometimes with a green-screen lock-up). I normally run an LE Pi in my kitchen system, I put it back in and pushed it hard with blu-ray sourced mkv’s with truehd soundtracks, and typically it would crash after around 6 chapter skips and spontaneously reboot. So the workaround posted above is not working for me, I guess for now I need to avoid chapter skipping too often until a Kodi fix comes along.

I won’t claim to actually understand exactly what the issue is with the chapter skipping and crashing but I think there is things with the 4.9 test builds that cause it that are not related to the Kodi TrueHD bugs. The workaround here was just to avoid one very specific condition (downmixing TrueHD to PCM).