Sad face when using subtitle settings in Plex

Hi Guys,

I have the following issue long time ago, and cannot get rid of it:

I start a movie in Plex, and when I go to Kodi Subtitle Settings/Browse Subtitle…I always get sad face. When I use the Download Subtitle option everything works fine.

This issue happens both with:

Plex for Kodi 0.3.5 (Kodi Add-on Repository)
PlexMod for Kodi 0.7.6-rev2 (Don’t Panic Repository)

I am running latest OSMC (2024.02-1) on Raspberry Pi3 B+

When I try the same option from OSMC menu, it works fine. (Video/File - start the video, go to Subtitle Settings and Browse for Subtitle, it brings up the list of available subtitles)


Any idea is welcomed.


Isn’t 0.3.5 broken generally speaking? As for your issue and PlexMod it sounds to me like something to bring up with the dev over on the Plex forum. I suspect that you would ultimately be best off with locating and naming your subs such that Plex sees them in the first place and you don’t need to browse for them at all. As long as in the same folder as somemoviename.mkv you have somemoviename.<whatever>.srt then plex should pick it up and it should be available in the regular sub selection without browsing.

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Hi Darwindesign,

Thanks for the hint, it works just fine as workaround. :slight_smile:

Yes, I can confirm that 0.3.5 is still working since the time, you helped me with replacing urllib3 with older version:

I prefer 0.3.5 over PlexMod, because I like its style (GUI) more.

I have renamed some subtitles and botch clients could pick them up.

Thank you again for your help!

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Cheers. If your going to make an effort at renaming your subs do note that the best method for Kodi is to use a <video file name>.<language>.<"default" or "forced">.<optional custom label>.ext. For Kodi the language language, default, and forced flags will interact with the automatic sub selection. A custom label will not interact with any Kodi function but it will be displayed in the sub selection so it can be helpful for something like a commentary track sub to note it as such. I don’t know if Plex does anything with extra tags. Kodi supports full language names (ie English) but I don’t think Plex does so stick with two or three digit language codes (ie en or eng). Plex also supports using a “sdh” tag in your file name to prefer or not that type of sub when you have both. Kodi does not support sdh tagging on external files and will only interact with that aspect when it is tagged in metadata in a sub embedded in a mkv file.

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Wow, I have learnt another new thing from you.

Thanks for your huge help again. From now, instead of guessing between ‘unknown’ subtitles, I can list them properly.

You have made my day!

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