Sad smiley face after OSMC update

Been stable since I have got it. After this update, stuck in a loop of the sad smiley face, blank screen, sad smiley face.

Logs here:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Check if this helps

It did help, thanks.

I moved the .kodi folder to kodi.bak & then the system started as new (all apps, settings gone as expected)

I then copied kodi.bak into .kodi and all my skin settings etc were gone but my addons, favourite etc. were all still there.

I don’t know what was fixed by just moving a folder and then moving it back but it seems I don’t even need to get rid of any of my addons.

ok, soooo my pi 2 running OSMC updated lastnight, and now its just a black screen, wont turn on at all

Provide logs and open your own thread as it seems you are not having same issue (sad face).

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see for advice on how to help us.

Had same thing few hours ago - sad face after update and the same logs as you.
What I learned Kodi 16.1 requires skins with gui 5.10.0. I have only found OSMC skin,
Confluence and AeonNox skins working. I was using ArcticZephyr and kodi
crashed (sad face) after update.
Whe I removed the “skin.arctic.zephyr” folder from “osmc/.kodi/addons” system started with default OSMC skin.
Try this and wait for skins updates, or return to backup if you have one :).
Good luck.