Safe Mode

Hi. A safe mode may be useful in troubleshooting on some cases. An option to disable all add ons not packaged with Vero’s image so we can see if one of the add ons is causing a freeze. Rather than disabling them one by one. What do you think?

How would you activate the safe mode?
There aren’t any add-ons bundled with OSMC, so really we’d suggest disabling all of them regardless.


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Additionally, this would be a request for Kodi as it’s not specific to OSMC.

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Ok got it

Maybe something like the power → exit option? Something that restarts the mediacenter with no add-ons.

This would be useful if user installed a lot of add-ons at the same time. And instead of going into the add-ons section and disabling everything one by one. Especially for us older users who don’t know the difference between USB cable and an HDMI cable. :joy:

Anyway, I’ll just forward this request to Kodi. Thanks.

As @sam_nazarko wrote how do you want to reach that menu if Kodi is crashing?

LE has a safe mode where if there are a series of repeated crashes, they move the Kodi directory to a .kodi-backup (or something similar).

I discussed it with @dbmandrake but he wasn’t keen on the idea. It might be worth considering at some point to solve crash loops. But then we will still have the support burden of where did everything go.

Ah. No problem. This is low priority anyway :smile: