Safely Remove Hardware not working

Firstly, thanks to the team for this wonderful device that does everything I want it to and more :slight_smile:

I have an issue where if I try to ‘safely remove’ my Western Digital Elements 6TB drive, it doesn’t remove at all and still appears connected. I think this may have cause me to corrupt my data in the past when disconnecting unsafely.

Here is the debug log:

How is the drive formatted?

Do you have another drive you could try with?


Hi Sam,

It looks like I was getting confused when selecting ‘Remove Safely’ at the Video > Media Sources > Elements icon and not receiving a notification that the device was unmounting, but then when I go into ‘Auto-Mounted Drives’ on the left, the Elements drive does infact disappear, so it does look like it’s unmounting the drive correctly.

Thanks for your help.

Great, thanks for confirming.