Safely removed USB key/disk remains on screen

When I do a “remove safely” action on a connected USB key or USB disk (via a powered hub), then I would expect the key/Disk to dissappear from the list on the main screen. However, it remains there, so one is not sure if it was “removed safely” or not. To me, this is not an expected behavior.
In Windows, if one “ejects” a USB key/disk, it dissappears from the File Explorer window, which is the expected behaviour.
Device is a Vero 4K+ unit, which I update every couple of months (as it’s used in a location without network connection).

Yes, in Windows Explorer, but this bug/flaw/whatever exists in Kodi installed on Windows as well. I assume your using the Estuary skin and OSMC does not maintain that code. The OSMC skin does not show this particular widget with stock settings. If you wanted a fix you would need to address it over on the Kodi forum.

If you wanted a workaround there is a few options. The icon is actually being removed but the skin isn’t updated after the removal to actually update what is showing on the screen. You can after “remove safely” just click on the icon and if it takes you to a source list instead of the original file list for the removed drive then you know it is disconnected. Alternatively you can force an update to the GUI by playing any video file or if your using an OSMC remote from any of the home screens you can hold down the OK/Enter/Select button for a couple seconds and that will reload the skin which will show the item as no longer there. If your using a different remote you can map a key to a “ReloadSkin()” action.