Safely unmount usb hdd from 4k+

Hi. As the title suggests, I need to safely unmount my
Usb hdd. I can’t find It anywhere in the settings ( I may have miss it I guess ). I did read that it’s in the context menu, which is the button with the 3 lines on the remote?. If so this button does absolutely nothing when I press it. Cheers for any help.

Go to Videos/Files, open your HDD and then open the context menu. You’ll find the open right there…

I must be missing something here, how do you open the context menu?, is it the remote button with the 3 lines?, if so it does nothing. Thanks for you help by the way.

Found it. Was being thick. Thanks for your help.

Sorry to hijack the thread. I managed to lose my vero remote so I have been using the official kodi remote for ios to navigate my vero4k. I know the button with the 3 lines on the remote opens the menu where you can safely remove your usb stick or hdd but I cant navigate to that menu using the tablet to save my own life. Please help :see_no_evil:

I think the c key (context menu) will do it.