Safety of Vero 4K remote control

I’ve noticed how easy it is to remove the battery cover of the Vero 4K remote which wouln’t be an issue if it held AA/AAA batteries but it holds a disc battery. Shouldn’t the battery compartment be screwed on?

I believe screw down covers are a legal requirement for childrens toys, and since the remote is likely to be left laying around the living room, it should apply here too.

Yes, it’s easy to slide off - I can recommend gaffer tape.

Yeah, I don’t use it personally as I have a Harmony but i’d wrap the whole thing in tape if I did.

Thanks for the concern.

BIPBA state that for children’s toys, you either need a screw for a secure compartment or need two independent or simultaneous movements to open the battery compartment.

It also goes without saying that the remote is not a children’s toy.


You can’t tell a 2yr old what is/isn’t a toy :slight_smile:

That’s correct, but you can hide it from children :wink: I know, it’s hard to hide everything or get everything out of reach, but yeah…