Samba asking for input after Jarvis update, but I have no keyboard available?

Just tried to manually update from osmc, and my headless system is now stuck at a screen saying “samba server and utilities” which asks me to select ‘ok’
How do I get past this? I have no keyboards in the house! All other updates have just self installed…

SSH in and run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. You will then be able to specify the input.

This won’t happen again in future updates. CC @DBMandrake

Log in with SSH and type reboot to abort the upgrade and reboot.

After rebooting log in with SSH again and run:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade

If you get a message saying you need to run dpkg follow the instructions then repeat the dist-upgrade, then finally reboot and you should be OK.

Thanks guys