Samba - can browse files, but can't remove/upload files


It my first time with osmc, before that i was just using Raspbian.

With my current samba setup, i can access USB HDD connected to my raspberry.
I can browse through whole structure, i can copy files from raspbery to my computer, but i don’t have rights to write/remove files on/from.

I installed my samba from App Store.

What do i need to do to, to fix my permissions?

What file system is on the drive you are sharing ?

i have ext4 - i read that i works beter than ntfs

On ext4 partitions file ownership permissions apply.

Kodi and the automatically added Samba shares both access external drives as the ‘osmc’ user. So if you have created files or folders on the drive as another user, such as root, or some other user on a linux system, the osmc user may only have read only access to those files.

You can check the ownership of files with ls -al followed by a directory.

If the drive is only a media drive, eg no programs are installed on it and it is primarily used on the Pi, you can change the ownership of all files and folders on the drive to osmc with a single command. Assuming that the drive is mounted at /media/mydrive you would do:

sudo chown -R osmc:osmc /media/mydrive

(change the path to match the actual mount point of your drive)

After this you should notice all files and folders on the drive are owned by osmc. You should now be able to write/rename/modify/delete those files via Samba and via Kodi’s own file manager.

New files copied onto the drive via Samba should also belong to the osmc user automatically.