Samba Connection Issues with Second Router

Hi guys,

I’m extremely new to this sort of stuff after being given a Raspberry Pi 2 recently. I’ve been working away and with the help of reading multiple threads, and how to guides and have pretty much got Kodi/OSMC running nicely.

The issue I’m having is when I’m connected to my secondary wi-fi router (in bridged mode) I can’t seem to connect or see the Samba Shares of OSMC. This also doubles for the fact I can’t type in the local IP address and access Deluge or Transmission. However if I connect directly to the Wi-Fi of the modem itself they work fine. This sadly isn’t a long term option as the secondary router provides range extension of the network.

Modem/Router to Wireless Router via Ethernet
Modem/Router to Raspberry Pi via Ethernet
Wireless Router to Windows 10 PC by Wi-Fi

I’m unsure what other details I need to provide here, happily can provide any more info with a bit of a nudge in the right direction :wink:

Thanks guys and gals!