Samba no password/custom password

Since it has been discussed quite a few times in the past I thought it was about time to make an official feature request.
It would be great if we could use GUI to select if we wanted a password or not for Samba shares.
Also changing that password through GUI would be great too.
Additional options like adding different users and setting up their access rights would be welcome.

Having said that, I would be happy if we could at least easily do that over ssh and keep the changes after an update.

Changing the password via ssh is easily possible with smbpasswd and that changes will be kept after an upgrade. Adding new users and giving different rights would be more complicated

That sounds great, for some reason I was under a impression that that change would be lost.

I understand that part with different users and rights would require creating those users and setting up the rights, I’m fine with that part.

As far as I remember reading, the next step would be either creating a custom smb-shares.conf file or creating/editing a fstab file and setting up mounting options including users that can access the share.