Samba server config

OK, so a fresh OSMC reinstall on my Vero 4k, and the box was “browsable” via SMB from another machine. I had not yet installed the “Service” via the My OSMC menu.

Is this new? I saw another post about enabling SMB in the kernal, was that done such that SMB server is on by default now?

I need to change the default “WORKGROUP”, so I went into the My OSMC and installed the SMB Server (thinking it might give me a way to configure the default workgroup), but no. I can change the workgroup for the “client” via the GUI but not for the server.

So I’m guessing I have to SSH in and modify a config file. Could you point me to that config file?


Are sure it was SMB not Zeroconf/DLNA?

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

Yes, because I actually had to browse through the list of "WORKGROUP"s to get to the VERO4K “shares”.

I rename my default workgroup ZACWOLF, so the list included WORKGROUP and ZACWOLF, with the VERO4K being in the WORKGROUP “folder”, which is why I want to change that.