Samba Server not installing

I am trying to get my Raspberry pi 3 with OSMC installed to show up as a device in my windows network. As far as I understand I need to install the samba server to do this.

However: the installation of the server is getting an error while installing.

Any help in fixing thsi would be greatly appreciated.

I have (all) logfiles but these contain some passwords. Which specific log files should I upload?

The apt.log would be needed and that one doesn’t have passwords.

Ah thnx. I already thought so…

Here it is :wink:

Strange, I can not see any try where you would have installed the Samba Server from the App Store. Maybe something went wrong in the App Store, for that we would need the kodi.log.

Alternatively you can try to install it from command line with sudo apt-get install smb-app-osmc

Yeah - I can’t install Samba from the App Store in OSMC nor can I install it manually:
“sudo apt-get install smb-app-osmc”

I get the error code:
“…final file package for “net-tools” is missing final newline”
Error code: 2


Please provide logs:

you could try sudo apt-get install net-tools

This should be installed by default in osmc, sounds like there may an issue with your system. Are running the latest version?

Thanks Tom.

net-tools already installed latest version -

BTW – this is a new install of OSMC - as in two days ago. So, latest versions are assumed. Used the OSMC installer as the vehicle to the SD chip.


Since it’s a new install, I’d suspect your SD card at this point. Either test your current card, or try a different one if you have one handy.

Logged - pushed:

My thx


You didn’t mention that you had installed a VPN. It looks to me like it may be causing a problem (I see lots of errors caused by it). I’d suggest a fresh install (but first test the SD card!) and get Samba setup without the VPN. Once you get all the basics working, then do the VPN.

(I fixed your log link for you)

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