Samba shares with OSX Sierra

I have a shared folder in my osmc that I normally access through my mac. After upgrading to OSX Sierra, when I open the folder from the mac, it appears empty, it does not show any files. When I try to access in some windows machine, it accesses normally. Anyone else with this problem?

If it appears normally in Windows then it’s more likely to be a configuration error with you Mac or an incompatibility between the MacOSX implementation of Samba and the one used by OSMC. Unfortunately Samba is rarely fully backward compatible and there have been many instances of similar things as this.

There are other Samba tools for Mac, if you search the forum here you will find tools that others have used to overcome this incompatibility previously.

I used the search but the only tool I found is to share a folder from mac to OSMC and my problem is accessing the OSMC shares from mac…

You’ve installed the samba server right?

I have samba server running on OSMC, I can access shares from a Windows machine. It’s that you asked, right?

There are several threads there which discuss the incompatibility between the slightly broken Samba package in debian on which OSMC depends and the somewhat odd implementation of the protocol by Apple.

There are several Mac programs recommended which allow access.

I’m not a Mac user so I can’t comment on which are better or work well, but there are suggestions in the more recent of those threads which other users have found helpful.