Samba Sharing

I am used to adding samba shares from Kodi on my PC and Android but cannot get it to work on the Vero 4k.

I have a PC running on W7 and a laptop on W8.1 both are in “Workgroup” and I connect with an asus ac68u router. My PC has folders with Various videos and as previously stated I can set up shares to the W7 PC without any problem.

When I try and add a share through Windows Network SMB - Workgroup and my PC I get “Operation Not Permitted”
If I try through manually adding a share through add network share and inputting the ip address of the PC the folder and user name and password I get “No Route to Host”

Firewall is disabled and router is set up as access point so no firewall involved.

Am I missing something any advice appreciated.

Well that has been a problem for others, so maybe check if one of that threads has your answer

If not than that Wiki always is helpful

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Thank you for the reply and pointer to the help file, problem resolved had to put username and passwords on my PC which had not been needed with previous samba shares.