Samba woes across all devices

I can’t see samba share on windows 7. On android’s esfileexplorer it sees it but won’t access says “login fails. This may be caused by: the account has no permissions” and in osx I see the share in network and when i click it it shows me two files devices and osmc. When I open them finder closes and says "the operation can’t be completed because the original item for “devices” can’t be found.

I did try to change the smb password to what I use across osmc and got this:

osmc@osmc:/etc/samba$ sudo smbpasswd
New SMB password:
Retype new SMB password:
Failed to find entry for user root.

What do I do now?

ok clicking connect as on osx in finder allows me to explorer the files correctly. Still leaves windows problems and changing the password problems.

Initially you talk about “samba share on Windows 7”, but your later comments suggests that the share is on a RPi running OSMC.
I have no problems accessing my shares on an OSMC machine from Win7 - so I guess it is down to how you defined the shares.
Would I be right in thinking this happened after an update on OSMC?
If not set up correctly, some of the update activities result in saving customised samba information.
You should read the files under /etc/samba, and check what is there - there was no need to try changing the samba password, and you issued the wrong command, anyway (hence the refusal to change the root password)

What do you mean by that ? Are you saying that when you click on Computer, then Network, then wait a few seconds, that you don’t see OSMC show up in the computer list ? Works fine for me with Windows 7.

Is your Windows 7 PC using the default workgroup of “WORKGROUP” or have you changed your workgroup name ? Or is the PC a member of a domain ? If it is a member of a domain you may have issues browsing to it via the network browser and have to enter the IP address instead.

Does it work if you type \\osmc into the address bar of an explorer window ? Or what about if you use it’s IP address ? For example \\

BTW the default username and password are both osmc. If you want to change the password for the samba osmc user (separate to the ssh/ftp user) you would use


On it’s own. Because you tried to use sudo you were trying to change the samba password for the root user - but the root user does not exit in samba. (osmc is the only samba account that exists by default)

And yes, on a Mac running Mavericks or later you must use connect as to connect before attempting to open the shares - this is a bug in Mac OS starting with Mavericks when Apple changed their Samba implementation to a custom version of Samba 3. I don’t see the same problem on a Snow Leopard machine.

The share list in OSMC allows guest access (so you can see the list of available shares without first authenticating) but the shares themselves require you to log in as osmc, attempting to open the share on Windows or older versions of Mac OS will then prompt you to authenticate but not with Mavericks or Yosemite where you must authenticate first.