Hi im connecting from windows to vero 4k+ via sambaserver installed from appstore.

\OSMC\osmc and i get 4 folders , Movies , Pictures, Music, and TVshows.

i have a usb hdd connected to my Vero, how can i access this instead of the 4 default folders ?

i want to transfer movies to the usb hdd

i have tryed serching both wikki and forum for this but i cant find solution

The USB hard drive is shared by it’s label.

If you don’t know the label you gave it check it from the OSMC file manager it’s mounted under /media/

I believe USB drives are automounted under /media

Correct, thanks to point out. Corrected my post

i want to reach the usb hdd from my windows computer via my network

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try this in explorer window:


then it should list all shares (including your harddrive)