Samsung QLED remote

Hi everyone,
i have a 2018 QLED TV with this remote:

I´m not able to find in this remote the info and menu button as in the original Vero remote.
Someone with this remote? I like Vero´s remote but it´s another remote in the living room and i´m loosing one usb port

Thanks, regards

If there’s a physical button you could map it to, you could use Keymap Editor.

Thanks Sam,
Is it dummy user friendly? xD
It´s CEC compatible?

Yes it’s a simple Kodi Addon

Yes as long as the button is transmitted via CEC (normally not all keys are transmitted via CEC)

I have exactly the same remote for my 2017 Samsung Series 6 MU6300 TV.

CEC works perfectly with my Vero 4k, out of the box with no customization/key remapping.


what buttons do you push instead these Vero remote buttons?



Oops, pardon me, my remote is not EXACTLY the same, but I expect it’s just a slightly different layout.

All basic functions worked out of the box with CEC, but I did assign the “colour” button using a remote.xml file, gaining me a couple extra functions.


I used the virtual colour buttons for those using the following in a remote.xml file.


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Thanks Robert
I´ll try mapping the buttons with KeyMaper

My Samsung QLED remote works fine over CEC with no additional configuration. Can’t see why that one should be any different?

James, I expect that Juan’s remote will work fine like yours and mine once he enables CEC. But he’s wondering how to assign a button to go directly to Kodi’s context menu. This is handy so that you can select that menu directly on a file instead of Enter, More… or getting the context menu on a directory (eg TV Series level).

Since there are no available physical buttons on the remote for this function, you can assign one of the four virtual buttons (coloured ones). For this you need an XML file which you can create manually, as I did, or using the Kodi keymap addon.


Hi James.
My remote works fine with CEC. But in the general menu I don’t have a physical button for context menu, info and home as in the original Veros remote.
I have mapped colors buttons as Robert to be able to use those buttons
Can you access to context menu for example without remap?

No my mistake, I misunderstood what you were originally asking so ignore my original reply.

no I have no physical buttons for these functions.

I very rarely need to use this so what I do is I use the Samsung remote 99% of the time and when I absolutely need to access these menus I use the Kodi app on my phone which is always with me anyway, never really thought about remapping the virtual buttons - good idea!, but like I say I use them so infrequently I seem to manage without it.

Now I’m even talking to Vero :smile: when I need the context menu I speak to the remote “Green button”
Accessing to colors virtual buttons is a pain in the ass

I sure wish there was a way to add modified voice commands to the Samsung remote so that instead of “red button” I could say “menu”.

Glad to hear you’ve got it working Juan.


Yes Robert thanks for your help
I don’t use those buttons continuously but mapping its a great function. And as James said the Kodi remote app is also a good solution