Samsung TV remote not working with TV when RPi is active

I have a Samsung SmartTV UN32H5203, dated June 2014. It does NOT have CEC (aka Anynet+). My cable service is plugged into HDMI1.

I have a Raspberry Pi Model B running OSMC, connected to HDMI2. I have a Flirc USB device plugged into the Pi. It has been programmed to read and respond to the Samsung TV remote.

When I use the remote to control the TV, the remote and the tv work fine. When I switch source to HDMI2, the remote controls the RasPI running OSMC just fine. The problem is, the remote no longer controls the tv! I can’t easily change the tv volume with the tv remote. Most importantly, I can’t easily change the tv’s source back to HDMI1! I’m stuck on HDMI2, running OSMC.

If I keep pressing the remote’s buttons, over and over like a madman, maybe a signal will get through and I can turn off the TV. When I turn the tv back on, it returns to its HDMI1 default, and it’s as if the out-of-control nightmare never happened.

It’s as if the Flirc and RasPI were somehow “blocking” the tv from receiving signal from the tv remote. They’re not physically blocking the tv’s remote input, so that’s not the case. But that’s just what it works like.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Some odd configuration setting I’ve neglected?

I cannot use the osmc remote when I simultaniously press keys on my tvremote.
check for stuck keys on both remotes.

What makes you believe it does NOT have CEC. A TV manufactured in 2014 without CEC is very unlikely and actually when you google the type number you gave it clearly indicate CEC.
What does cec-client -l report executed in command line?

Maybe try to disable CEC in Settings -> Input Devices.

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki:

What makes you believe it does NOT have CEC. A TV manufactured in 2014 without CEC is very unlikely

I have a TCL Roku Smart TV (purchased in November) and only has very basic CEC support. It does not pass any keypresses from the remote to the Pi. It only seems to support detection of connected devices.

Actually, can you point out where you’re getting this information from? Because the user manual, the TV’s menus, and the Samsung help desk all agree that the tv does NOT have CEC. Thank you!

As I wrote I googled your number + CEC and it popped up a Samsung page and that made me believe it has CEC but I maybe wrong.

Anyhow what does cec-client -l report?