Samsung TV Remote


Is there any way I can set my Vero up to use my Samsung TV remote rather than the one supplied in the box?

I don’t mean by using CEC, but as an actual IR remote.



You should be able to learn it with lirc. There is a Samsung .conf file included with OSMC that MAY work

This covers how to learn a remote OSMC Forums

Try going
and select Samsung-lircd

I’m not sure that the Remote module is in the Vero version of MyOSMC but if it is try what he said

Maybe this appeared after latest update. Its certainly there now on my Vero (I updated this morning)

Samsung-lircd did not work with my samsung remote which is same as photo in “Remotes” module.

make sure you have a way of navigating other than remote e,g yatse App on android device if you try to change. otherwise you will be stuck if the remote you change to does not work (i.e. no way to select vero remote again)

Had exactly the same experience. I chose the Samsung option for a remote which was identical in the picture to mine then panicked when nothing worked. Thankfully I remembered the XBMC remote app on iOS which I was able to use to re-select the Vero remote.

There should be a failsafe for this feature similar to when you change screen resolution - it should default back to the last used setting unless the user confirms the system is working.

That aside, what can be done to change the remote successfully?

I’m really sorry to bump this thread but is there any update on this issue? It seems so tantalisingly close, particular when there is a picture of my exact Samsung remote in the Remotes section of MyOSMC!


Just getting a chance to see this thread now.

Alas, some remotes ‘look’ the same but aren’t always exact. I think the Apple remote is like this and had a few revisions. Some of these remotes have not been tested and their keymaps are sourced from the community.

However, it should be possible for you to actually learn the remote with the real codes to make sure they are accurate.

SSH in to the device and run the following:

sudo systemctl stop lircd_helper@lirc0

Now you can run irrecord to record your keymap

At the end, you will have a file called lircd.conf.

You can move this to the system directory with:

sudo mv lircd.conf /etc/lirc/lircd.conf

And after sudo systemctl start lircd_helper@lirc0 the remote should start working again.

NB: unfortunately not all remotes are learnable and some do some nasty things, for example Sky+ remotes do something strange with the toggle bit.



As stated above you will have to learn your remote buttons to create a custom lircd.conf

Please note that there are plans to simplify the learning process in the future by making it possible to do so through a GUI.