Samsunh UHD TV - CEC Issues


I have recently encountered an issue where the CEC is no longer working (i’m unable to browse kodi with my TV remote) where it was working correctly.
I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the TV or kodi, however, I did find some error messages in kodi.log:

15:39:22.313 T:3946836736   ERROR: CecLogMessage - AllocateLogicalAddresses - failed to allocate device '0', type 'recording device'
15:39:22.313 T:3946836736   ERROR: CecLogMessage - failed to find a free logical address for the client
15:39:22.313 T:3946836736   ERROR: CecLogMessage - failed to register the new CEC client - cannot allocate the requested device types
15:39:22.315 T:3938448128   ERROR: OpenConnection - could not opening a connection to the CEC adapter
15:39:22.315 T:3946836736   ERROR: CecLogMessage - failed to register a CEC client

For those familiar, do you think this points to an issue at what end?

Did you recently connect some other devices to the TV?
Can you try powering down Vero and the TV at the mains for 10 minutes?


No, same devices as before.

Already tried it, no difference.

I will investigate CEC on other devices once i get home. Just wondering if that error message was something specific on the Vero/kodi side…

Usually it means that the CEC bus is occupied at that logical address. You could try changing the address in Settings -> Input -> Peripherals.

Good news.

The issue was on the TV side. I noticed that CEC was also not working with my PS4.
I did a full power down, the whole night instead of just a few minutes. Upon restarting, everything was working fine, including the Vero box.


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