Save video files to network location

I’m new to this forum and raspberry pi and osmc.
I’m working on a sports related project where i need people to view video files from (GoPro) camera’s on a screen.
(They generally use this for coaching purposes.)
When they see some footage that is really nice they have to be able to simply press a button and then automatically send a short (10 seconds) clip to a network destination.
That way it is possible for me (as a video editor) to make a day video with these clips.
Till now i always use a program called “MPEG Streamclip” (on OSX) because this program can save video files shorter than the original without re-encoding so it uses almost no processor power.
I like to use raspberry pi with OSMC because i think its the best option for this whole program to run on.
Can anyone here let me know how hard it would be to either make an addon for OSMC or add something to the source code?