Saving to USB stick - some sticks dont save downloads

I have been trying to save a couple of downloads to a USB stick.
The first stick (16GB) was shown as an option on where to save and once selected files were saved without a hitch.

I unmounted the stick and tried another stick (64GB) but I did not receive a prompt on where to save, but the stick could be seen as in “files” folder.
Ran the download but the downloaded file was not present once download had been completed. There is plenty of space on the stick.

Had no difficulty replacing original stick and continuing with new download but cannot get 64GB stick to work.

What have I missed?

With which program/addon?

Sorry, I should have made it clear, Vero 4K with OSMC running Kodi 18.9.
Working USB is formatted vfat, the 64GB device is formatted exfat

Thanks for the details. But I still wonder what you mean with “download”

You are not making clear the source of the downloaded files.

Downloading video from a website.

Your using (what program/add-on) to download from a website on a (Vero 4K?) and saving it directly to a USB stick connected to the (Vero 4K?). Is this maybe saving a fixed download location and a non-understanding of the difference between Windows and Linux? In Windows, more often than not if you plug in a thumb drive it will mount to the same drive letter if you only have one drive plugged in at a time. In this way if you had a fixed location to something like D:\ then it wouldn’t care which drive was plugged in. Linux uses mount points so the location that a thumb drive shows up will usually be different for each drive unless they happened to be named the same as each other. This may get further confused as in Windows if you try to access a drive letter that does not exist it will tell you so. In Linux a path to a mount point is no different than a folder so if your thumb drive was mounted a /media/thumb/ and you set a download to go there after you removed the drive, then it is probably then saving the file to /media/thumb/ still, but that location is now a location on your internal storage instead of a mount point directing to the thumb drive.

Sorry, I don’t use windoze. I understand about mounting but after an initial first use of a stick, when I was given an option on where to save my file, I have not had any subsequent prompt. I would appreciate some guidance on how to get to this setting so I can be sure the new device has been mounted correctly. Kodi seems to mount and I can unmount the stick but have no ideas where it is trying to mount and only one stick of the two is working as expected. Using Kodi and not yet familiar with gui. Guidance would be appreciated thanks.

You still have not stated exactly what you are downloading with so it is quite difficult to give any guidance. As for USB storage they would be automaticly be mounting in /media and the name of the mount point would be the name set on the drive (or uuid I think if no name is set).

I believe I am using an add-on but the problem seems to be with the stick. The problem stick automounts and can be seen on the screen but download is not saved whereas the original stick works.
I have overcome the problem by simply copying the files to the larger stick and I shall find and reformat another 64GB stick. What FS would you recommend in this case?

Maybe the stick is faulty.

which addon are u using?

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OK, I still have the problem but worse because I now cannot save downloads at all. I am trying to save a downloaded video using a video add-on app. I understand however that the issue may be related to the latest Android security features which prevent downloads to external devices. There is a brief line in reddit:-


You don’t say what version of Android you are running but recent versions severely restrict where apps are allowed to write, even on removable media. Trying to figure out how to relax the permissions is usually an exercise in futility so what I usually do is just set Kodi to save to its Android assigned path. Try setting Kodi addons to save to somewhere under “/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files” on the USB drive. This location belongs to Kodi and Android let’s it do anything it or its add-ons want to there. If you are using a fork instead of Kodi you will need to change the “org.xbmc.kodi” part of that path appropriately.


I have no idea if this is indeed correct but whatever the case there is something in my settings frustrating what used to work just fine. If anybody could please help me delve into the innards to have the downloads go to the auto-mounted USB stick I would appreciate it please.

Not sure how Android is relevant here as OSMC is not Android on any platform.

Secondly, if you wish to receive support here, you will have to advise SPECIFICALLY what add-on you are attempting to download a file from, AND you will have to provide debug enabled logs demonstrating the issue.

Unless these two necessities are provided, this thread will be closed in 24hrs so as not to waste anymore time of those who volunteer to provide that support here.

Thanks for understanding.

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Hi and sorry, had a senior moment. For reasons I don’t understand one of the new usb sticks I had been using had some odd directories on it, not put there by me and never used with an Android device so must have come from the video app. Unfortunately I followed this unthinkingly so please forgive me.

Meanwhile I find I now cannot ssh into the device. If is plug in keyboard I can select Power>Exit and the system then just freezes. No prompt, nothing. It is quite possible I should clean out the system by doing a new install as I suspect my system has been corrupted. Does that seem plausible. I cannot get back to terminal even with a reboot using screen and keyboard unless I have missed something.

Addon name please otherwise no one is able to help you…