Scan for new content menu is gone

The menu item in the context menu to Scan for new content is gone.
This is kind of problematic since I now have to scan every new episode by clicking i on the remote for every file I want to add.

I’m on OSMC November 2020 2020.11-1

P.S.: I’ve searched this forum, but couldn’t find anything.

Which skin are you using?


That is a bit too vague and one can only guess which menu you are talking about: Somewhere under GUI-> Videos-> Files …?

Do you see Set content instead?


I have two sources (Movies, Shows) that I have mounted via fstab.

When I go to : GUI -> Videos -> Files -> Shows, srcoll to the show ABC and then open the context menu (in my case 2x left on the remote), I can see the following menu:

View: List
Sort by: Name
Order: Ascending
Hide watched (unchecked)
Current playlist
Updaert library

The same happens in a subfolder of ABC, except that View: List is missing in the menu.

I also tried the same thing in GUI -> TV Shows -> ABC and a subfolder of ABC. Same problem. There’s no menu item Scan for new content.

I don’t see Set content in any of the menus I just mentioned.

What do you intend “Scan for new content” to do? Why is Update Library not what you are looking for??

That is the slideout menu, not context menu. The update library in option in the slideout menu is not something that has ever been available in the file view. If you went to movies or tv shows from the home screen you should find that the option is in the slideout menu there. In the files view there are scanning option available in the context menu which you access on the OSMC remote by pressing the button with the three lines.

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It should add the episodes to the library that I have copied into a season folder.

Because it scans the ENTIRE source.

Thank you. That was it. I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me to press that button. I clicked pretty much any other button on the remote. Argh!