Scanning new episodes issue

Hi, I’m having a strange problem where I scan a folder, in this case, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and it doesn’t pick up most of the video files. It only finds 21 episodes when there are way more than that on the NAS. Even going into settings → library → manage videos, I can browse to the folder and all the files are there.

I even tried deleting the show from Kodi and rescanning it in, but it had no effect (FYI I did not do the erasing and rescanning in the log file, I just initiated a new scan for new media).

Here’s my log file:

Unfortunately that log didn’t prove to be particularly insightful since it just shows a scan where it says it didn’t see any change to the folders in question and so it skipped over it. My first question is if their is nfo files in that shows folder. If their is and they do not conform to your currently selected scraper then it can cause this kind of issue. You might try going to the show in your library, bring up the information window (for the show, not an episode) and click on refresh, all episodes, ignore local files, and see what that gets you.

On an unrelated note you would probably find some benefit to the following…

Do the files have consistent naming such as S01E01, S01E02…

Unfortunately, this didn’t do anything.

Yes, they are properly named. I use a program called TV Rename and it handles all the naming.

I went into the season 1 folder and deleted the NFO files before trying rescanning, but that didn’t make a difference.

Well that makes it a bit of a head scratcher then. When you are browsing that folder in file mode do only the 21 episodes have the plot text? Any way we could possibly be looking at them actually getting scraped but they are not shown in the library view due to it getting set as show watched or unwatched in the side menu? Kodi does now import watch status from nfo’s by default where it used to only do that when a user manually set that option in an advancedsettings.xml file.

I think I may have solved it. Well, partially.

Each season folder had the video files, JPGs, NFO and TBN files.

My first attempt was to delete the NFO and TBN files from season 1 and then try rescanning. This didn’t do anything.

Next, I moved the entire show folder to somewhere else on the NAS. Essentially, as far as Kodi was concerned, the folder was deleted. I then ran the clean library option.

I then moved the folder back and did a scan for new shows. This time, it found all the episodes EXCEPT season 1. Clearly the NFO and TBN files are important.

Going to settings → library → videos → and browsing to season 1 and attempting to scan the season or even individual episodes does nothing. When I do attempt to scan to library an individual episode, it says it’s downloading info, but in the end the info screen is all “no information available”

I’ll end up just recreating the NFO files, but I find this all very strange.

I wonder if you having tbn files is a clue since they haven’t been used in a very long time and perhaps the nfo’s are also a bit outdated. I wonder if your tvshow.nfo is pointing to TVDB but your scraper is set to TMDB which would explain part of the behavior. If you had refreshed the show itself as I posted about previously with the ignore local files option it should have just ignored all the nfo files though and bypassed that possible issue. I don’t have any rational for that.

The broad strokes of what Kodi does with scraping is that when it scans a base level folder that it doesn’t have already configured to a TV show it goes looking for a nfo that has information for the show itself and if found uses that information to configure that show including the location on where it should be scraping episodes from. In the absence of a tvshow.nfo it uses the scraper to search and match online information. Once that information has been set in the database the scraping process is Kodi navigating that folder and any subfolders looking for supported video types. When it finds a video file it looks for a nfo of the same file name and if found it loads the information in it into the database and moves on to the next file. If no matching nfo file is found the scraper uses the file name to determine season and episode numbers and uses that combined with the stored information that was stored for the show itself to match and scrape online information for the episode. Note that Kodi just ingests the nfo files without trying verify the validity of what was contained in the file. If something in one of these files becomes no longer valid for someone’s current configuration, scraper settings, or due to a Kodi update where some aspect of the database changed then this poses an issue. Because online scraping of episodes is reliant on the data stored for the TV show itself, if invalid scraping urls are stored for the show itself then episodes without nfo files cannot scrape. This has been a common issue as Kodi switched from TVDB being the default series scraper to TMDB for both movies and series.

How’s this for sure weird?

There are 11 seasons each in its own folder under the Curb Your Enthusiasm folder. Each season has 10 shows.

I tried scanning the 11 seasons with TMDb TV Shows scraper (season 1 still does not have NFO files) and told it to ignore local content and refresh from the internet. It found 65 episodes (there are 110). Some seasons are there in their entirety while others just show 2 or 3 episodes, even though the files are there in the NAS.

Rescanned again, using The TVDB v4 scraper and it found 81. Again, season 1 is not listed and some of the seasons list only 2 or 3 episodes.

As far as I can tell, all the files names follow proper naming conventions.