Scanning TV Series goes wrong

Scanning goes to 100% and then keeps retrying, saying 100%, new episodes are not found or added to the library. Have this problem a lot lately.

Running against a Unraid NAS, first tried with NFS got problems turned to SMB, now problems again.

please help :slight_smile:


You need to disable settings>media>videos>use video tags>

There is a lack of clarity of exactly what is going on since debug logging wasn’t turned on. If you had previously setup any of these TV shows using TVDB you would need to refresh the show itself in order for it to scrape with TMDB. Also you would have been better served using another path substitution to swap out the nfs path for a smb one. At this point your MySQL is going to have duplicate paths stored in it as a result. If it was me I would export out as individual files with an overwrite which will save your watched state (I see you already have import added to your advancedsettings.xml) and then either drop the video db or just rename it in your advancedsettings. If you did this you might want to delete your Thumbnail folder if you would rather have the disk space back at the cost of Kodi needing to rebuild your thumbs for your music db that you wouldn’t be changing. If you do this you will also need to perform a set content on your paths again as well.

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