Scheduled updates do not appear to work

I have the update schedule in Updates set to check for updates daily at 1000. I have yet to receive an update notification in this manner. Every week i do a manual update and for the last two weeks have been presented with a message that an update is available install…etc. I think so far three

The update settings are set to Prompt for all actions and Suppress on screen, and Do not show icon on home screen are disabled.

Hm, now that you mention it. I have a RPI2 and Vero set to the default setting to check every day at random hour (the devices are on 24/7). Also never recieved a “Update available” message.

I’m also in this situation. RPi2 currently running RC3. In the entire time I’ve been running OSMC I’ve never had an update show up automatically, I’ve always had to run a manual check. My system is set up to auto check once per 24 hrs at a random time when idle for 1 min.

If it should work then I can provide a log or other system details.

Scheduled update checking was broken in RC2 but is working in RC3.

I’ve got mine set to check at 6am every morning and when I turned the TV on this morning my Vero was reporting updates…

Now you’re on RC3 just leave automatic updates enabled and you should find that you will be notified next time there are updates.

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Perfect, thanks.

Was just wondering about this, too. Manually updated to RC3 today, and so will leave on auto update and see what happens.

Appears to now work.

By ‘work’, what is supposed to happen? Am I supposed to get an update available icon on the home screen? Or do they install automatically? I’m not sure what I should be seeing if auto updates are working correctly.

It depends on the setting you use. I have mine set to check at 1000 daily, or you could set it at random intervals. There is a number of options on how the update will install. My OSMC->Updates->Update Setting-> Prompt for all actions will cause OSMC to display a popup box that a update is available. There is a number of options available .

OK, appears to be working now, I got a popup notification that updates were ready and a restart was required to install them.

However, if I select “no” at this popup, how do I then go back and choose to install the updates at a later time? It appears that I have to run a full manual scan and update again?

Yes that’s correct, if you say no you have to run a manual scan.

However whilst it does a full scan for new packages (because in the time between when you said no and when you came back to run the scan again there might be yet more updates available) it doesn’t re-download any already downloaded files. So it will be a bit quicker and won’t use unnecessary bandwidth.

There used to be an option to simply install already downloaded updates but it was removed to simplify the user interface as the original prototype of the updater had far too many options. :smile:

OK, thanks for clarifying, I’ll use this approach from now on.