Scrape on PC

I am french and my english is not very good and I am sorry for this.
I have a Veo 4k+ with many movies on a nas QNAP.
The scrape is not correct for a lot of these and I would prefer correct it on my PC who is in the same network.
Do you have a solution for me ?

That would normally point to wrong naming (e.g. missing year)

Well the easiest is to use a Media Manager for example Tiny Media Manager

Thanks @fzinken
It is not a wrong naming problem because all my movies are well named.
If I understand well a media manager as Tiny allows to connect on the Vero database ?
It is the solution that I prefer :slight_smile:

Then scraping should not create any failure if they are publicly available movies/series. You may want to share Kodi logs for people to check why scraping fails.

While Tiny Media Manager allows to connect to Kodi I normally just use it to create nfo files and the use the “local information only” on the respective source.

It is rather a problem with movies as similar name …
So I search a solution to modify directly on the Vero with a PC

Therefore you need to add the year

Not only :frowning:

Please give an example of two similar movie file names that don’t scrape correctly.

I can not immediately but I shall do later.
Thank tou so much @fzinken

If your TV shows are not mixed in with movies and your movies are all in their own subfolders that additionally have a year attached (most TV shows scrape better without the year FYI) such as…

\\SERVER\Video\TV\Ash vs Evil Dead\s01e01 - El Jefe.mkv
\\SERVER\Video\Movie\The Evil Dead (1981)\The Evil Dead (1981).mkv
\\SERVER\Video\Movie\Evil Dead (2013)\Evil Dead (2013).mkv

Then it should be rare that things are not scraped correctly, especially for movies. If you want to gain more control then Tiny Media Manager is a very good way to do it. It can connect to a Kodi box but afaik the only thing that gets you is integration with watched status and the ability to manually tell it from TMM to refresh an item in Kodi. It doesn’t automatically sync everything you change in TMM with the Kodi box.

The only way your going to really get a make changes on a PC and it is automatically changed on a secondary Kodi box/s is switching to a MySQL database. I doubt that is a route you would want to go just to fix scraping problems.

As for if two movies exist with the same name and the same year if one didn’t want to bother with a media manager there also exists the option to make a parsing nfo file. For movies this simply consists of making a text file with the same name as the movie but with a “nfo” file extension and inside the file it would contain just the url (web address) of the entry for that movie on your scrapers web site. This would allow two files with the same name to scrape with their respective proper metadata.

Thanks for your complete explanation.
It is very comprehensive and I undersand well that I can not scrap the Vero from my PC.
It’s reallu damageable but …


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Well you could if you use a MySQL database which you also could run on the Vero.
Also with Tiny Media Manager you can manage the Kodi and control it from the PC.

In French - could be tricky - explaining how to use NFO files in case.

Ttu peux, pour les Films et TVShows qui ne sont pas trouvé correctement, mettre à disposition un fichier .nfo dans le répertoir et y mettre le lien vers imdb par exemple. Efface l’entrée dans Kodi, et scrappe a nouveau.

/export/Movies$ cat ./Redemption/Redemption\ \(2013\).nfo

Ça, tu peux aussi le faire à partir de ton PC.

I use mediaelch for local scraping - it will recognise eveything right away and save local Nfo files. Then in kody just use local info as scarper and it will use the info/images downloaded by mediaelch