Scraper adds VOB files instead of entire movie

I have added a lot of movies (DVD folders) to my movies folder. All were scraped ok (well with some corrections) except 1. Instead of the entire movie… it adds each VOB file to my library. But the most strange part is that it adds each VOB with the correct movie name and poster. So the folder has 5 VOB files. I get 6 movies with the same name and poster. 1 for the entire movie and 5 for each VOB.
Tried to delete the entries… clean database… but as soon as I reboot osmc… the VOBs are there again.
Any ideas?

Browse to the source folder in Video>files> and context menu>change content> then check the box telling it the folders each contain a single movie.

Already tried it. And the setting was OK. I tried disabling the “scan recursively” on the MOVIES (a folder where all movie folders are located) folder and now it’s OK.
But I wonder… and idea about only this folder was scraped incorrectly?