Scraper probleme on OSMC with various folder sharing protocol

I’m here to request for some help ^^.
first let me introduce my setup:
Rapberry pi 3 connected to network
Synology NAS connected to network
OSMC installed on the RASPI 3

Yesterday evening i was very happy to see that OSMC was wokring fine on my raspberry. I added my shared folder from my NAS. i can use 3 different protocole which are all working: NFS, SMB, uPNP.
i checked on my OSMC and a scraper is installed by default.

The probleme is that when i add the source for my video in all the poste i saw and the video peopole made they have a windows when they add the source where they can select the cscraper the language and so on and then the scraper start his scan to get the information about your files.
i dont have this windows at all. i can add the source and play the film it’s working fine but the scraper windows wont show up. that’s anoying cause the scraper in installed i can see it in the plug in list of my OSMC.

If someone have an idea i’m taking it ! ty for taking to read this and sry for my english as you haved already guess it"s not my home language =)


Suggest to use NFS as it should be the most performance one

Maybe share the screenshots of how you are adding the source and then we can see where it goes wrong.

i can screenshot now i dont have my rasp and tv at my work but i can try to explain !
so i go the video menu
then file
then I clic “Browse”
then i clic NFS sources
then i have " workgroup"
then “Colossius-NAS” ( my nas)
then i select for exemple my folder " Tv show"
then i press OK
it go back to the browse menu and i can see the source added in the list
i press " OK" and on all the post i saw on internet it’s at this moment where the scraper windows is supposed to ask which language i want and so on but for me it just add the source and i’m able to read file from this source.
hope you understood. and how could i realise screenshot on my raspebrry ? xD ty i will try to find you the poste i used you will have the screenshot

I assume there is “Add videos…” but you might just forgot in your listing here

This is where it might get wrong. Don’t go to Browse just click once more OK down at the bottom.
Then you should get a new screen with “Set Content”

At the bottom of this thread you find the information
here is the link of the poste where you cann see what i did. i did exactly like you said pressing OK and this is where the probleme appear. the window about set content does not appear.
on my link the post in in french but dont mind the main information is that if youc ount the screenshot everything is fine till the 6’s screen shot. after that i dotn have the 7. the windows name in french is " nouveau contenu" which i can translate in “new content” this windows never appear when i press OK at the screenshot 6

Are you using OSMC skin or Confluence skin?
Maybe switch to Confluence so you see the same as in that tutorial

i tired with confluence and Aeon nox ( the one used in the tutorial)
same probleme !

i’m not the only one havin gthis probleme. at the end of the tutorial in french i linked some have the same probleme and none find the answer that’s why i’m asking it directly here ^^

As that Tutorial is a Kodi generic tutorial I believe the issue you and the others have might not be OSMC specific and therefore you might be better served at the Kodi forum

But anyhow have a check this evening when you are back in front of your device. If you still have an issue you can upload the screenshots and debug enabled logs so that we can try to check for you.

i will do that ! ty for trying to help !
but id ont think the log file will helpc ause their is no apparent error but still i will check the log poste them with screen shot. shoudl i put my OSMC in english for troubleshooting?

Would make life easier and maybe stick to confluence or osmc skin.

ok will do that !

Still if anyone have an idea or somthing to try i’m taking it !

an other question. which scraper do you like the most and which one shoudl i use? i let the one installed by default.

I stick with the defaults

and do you use a bot to name your file?

UP i will be home soon maybe somone on skype to troubelshoot this ?

Right click on the source and then “set content”

so i just properly reboot my raspi and restart the scraper service and it finaly work. i now have trouble with filebot to rename my files do anyone have a good soft or solution to propose to use with synology NAS?

You can try MediaElch
but it isn’t a NAS client.
You need Linux,MAC or Windows.