Scraper scanning of files video or music (meta)

I have some movies and tvshow… the scanning for new content work pretty well but not a 100%… and sometimes it can’t finde a movie title i imdb and just ignores it, and the only 2 ways i have found to see what it can’t automatically scan. is to look under video>files and finde the contect without poster/metadata/banner… but the easiest way is to look in .kodi/temp/kodi.log.

16:57:50 T:1751819296 WARNING: No information found for item '/media/disk/SHARED/Movies/Just Robots (2017)/Just Robot.mp4', it won't be added to the library.

is there an addon or some other way(better) to actually find that one movie/music item that it can’t finde metadata for online?

Team Kodi addons>Video Addons>Missing Movie Scanner is what you’re looking for

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im at work but yes :wink: will try it when i get home… thx