Scraper TheTVDB will be switching to a subscription based payment model

Thread on reddit by the head of TheTVDB himself:

TL;DR 12 US$ per year for having access to TheTVDB API to scrape info for your TV shows and movies in the future. They might introduce an additional plan which lets you earn credits if you contribute data to the site.

Just a heads-up for fellow Kodi users. Although I like(d) the site and contributed a pic here and there, and some info on actors and such, I think this is the coffin nail for the endless problems with TheTVDB. Now’s your chance to familiarise yourself with creating .nfo files or look around for alternatives like TVmaze.

With my Team Kodi hat on, Team Kodi are already aware of this situation and we plan to send them some correspondence soon.

TMDB has been the default scraper for a while, so only existing installations will be affected.


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seems that Kodi already replaced it and it was about feeeing time :smiley:

called for this a couple of years ago and im glad that team kodi switched from thetvdb, so ill happily switch over to the new scarper

I think Kodi switched to TMDB as default scraper for shows back in February 2020 after problems heated up with another outage of TheTVDB that lasted a couple of days.

Not really a big fan of TMDB for shows. It’s great for movies, though, but its specialisation on movies and lack of shows really showed. Might be different now than from when I last tested. Right now, TVmaze looks like the best alternative to me besides local .nfo (and image files) which also have the advantage of only setting them up once and not having to care about a scraper when you rearrange your library every five years or so.

I think once TVDB is gone, other services will improve.

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i think so too, when i stated to use kodi i used tvmaze alot to scrape since tvdb was kinda broken on some series.

@RJ45 scraped my whole directory without issues i think you should try it before going of on a rant.

I have not tried TVmaze like he has but I have tried switching my TV shows over to TMDB several times and always ended up back just using TVDB. For most shows, and probably for most people they won’t notice much difference from one scraper to the next. However there is quite a few (mainly older) shows where there is disparities between how TVDB and TMDB lists episodes and specials. Some of this can be mitigated in TMDB with custom lists and parsing NFO’s but some of it can’t such as TV movies which TMDB does not allow to exist as specials on TV shows. Particularly for people who, like myself, have media created well over a decade ago that was named to match up with TVDB it can be a royal PITA to find and fix all the broken media.