scraping correct order discrepancy

I have a problem which I can’t figure out how to fix.

When I scrape Farscape Season 1, the order seems wrong. All providers order the episodes according to their airing date, which is sometimes wrong.
The production code and how they are ordered on the Blu-ray/DVD sets are a good indicator for the correct order. I have the Blu-ray disk set and therefore I know the real order.

So now I am stuck. I have no idea how to get this right.

My files are in the correct (real) order, so when I scrape them, the info (name, description) is wrong. Even if I were to rename the files so that they matched the aired sequence, the data would be correct, except the episode number (and thus the sorting).

Any ideas how I can fix this? I can’t be the only one who ever came across this problem.

Problem only exists for episodes 2 to 7:

Real order

  1. I, E.T.
  2. Exodus from Genesis
  3. Throne for a Loss
  4. Back and Back and Back to the Future
  5. Thank God It’s Friday, Again
  6. PK Tech Girl

Aired order

  1. Exodus from Genesis
  2. Back and Back and Back to the Future
  3. Throne for a Loss
  4. PK Tech Girl
  5. Thank God it’s Friday, Again.
  6. I, E.T.

Did you Google the issue?

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No, because I know the viewing order. I want to know how I can fix the problem that the scrapers use the airing order instead of the correct order.

Ah, I missed the kodi part in your example above. Ok, I’ll read the first 2 results. Thanks.

Personally I find Googling “kodi wiki ???” to be rather efficient. In this case “kodi wiki episode order” brings back in the first result a page that explains how to deal with this by simply adding a parsing nfo pointing to the episode group your files are organized in.