Scraping Series doesnt work right

Hello there from germany …
… and at 1st excuse my ugly english ^^

I use the newest version on an PI2 and also update vis SSH all possible. Also I use Confluence as Skin (if related).

My files resist on a NAS (Nas4Free). All “normal” videos are ok and the Scraper works fine in DE. But I also have an folder “/Serien”. In this folder there are folders with the name of the Series resist inside. I.e. “Dr. House, Enterprise, Harry Potter, Lim Knopf, Mondbasis Alpha 1, …” and also a folder “Stargate” where more folder inside named “Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, …” (a screenshot of the structur are shown at

So I set “content” to “Series”, use Scraper “The TVDB” and set Language to DE… But also if I change anything the Scraper only finde files in “Dr. House” and “Mondbasis Alpha 1” and also ignore arround 50% of physical existig folder. All other listet folder are shown but are empty. If I went to “Videos / Files / Serien” I also see that some Folder have a hook and some not. But it’s not similar to the emty folder.

So what the hell goes wrong? I have almost bald from many hair scuffling ^^


Most likely your episode naming does not follow the necessary naming conventions. Have a look at this page:

Ty for the hint. I will take a look at this…
But that dosnt explain why some of the pysical folder are listed and some dont. And the “funy” thing is also, that pysical folders i.e. named “ENTERPRISE” are shown but is emty. And the folder an dfiles are correct named:
\Serien\ENTERPRISE\DS9 - Raumstation (Sisko)(DS9 001) 1-01 - Der Abgesandte
\Serien\ENTERPRISE\DS9 - Raumstation (Sisko)(DS9 002) 1-02 - Der Abgesandte
\Serien\ENTERPRISE\DS9 - Raumstation (Sisko)(DS9 003) 1-03 - Die Khon-Ma
\Serien\ENTERPRISE\DS9 - Raumstation (Sisko)… and so on …
And last but not least…
I.e. physical \Serien\Raumschiff Orion is not listed but inside there is right named files like:
\Serien\Raumschiff Orion\01 - Raumschiff Orion - Angriff aus dem All
\Serien\Raumschiff Orion\02 - Raumschiff Orion - Planet ausser Kurs
\Serien\Raumschiff Orion\03 - Raumschiff Orion - Hüter Des Gesetzes
\Serien\Raumschiff Orion… and so on …

So in my eyes ther is no logic behind the problems and its not possible (for me) to explain why this or that folder is shown, this or that folder is shown but emty and this or that folder isnt shown…

You don’t have your folder structure and file naming correct.

The name of the series as a whole is taken from the name of the top level folder - this name must match the name of the series on the TVDB or the entire series will not match.

The names of the files are only checked for season and episode numbers - the name of the series being in the filename (or not) makes no difference. If the filenames are not in the correct format you will see the series listed but no episodes within it. This is all explained in the link I sent.

In your above example you have a folder called Enterprise which will be interpreted as the Series Enterprise, and yet its clear from the filenames beneath it that the episodes are Deep Space 9 episodies not Enterprise. This is not going to work.

Please take the time to study the page that I linked to.

… ok, I belive it if you say it. Probably a problem because of my bad English ^^

But if that a fact I have a new problem. It is not realy possible to reorganize, rename all the files and create a new structure. If I do that all my other systems get a problem and also the systems of my family (on 3 different village next to me); we use my NAS together (14T will be enough for us I belive).

I also dont understand why some Basefolder are listed with and without content and some not. That cant be a problem with wrong filenames.

If I have a little time I will create a new folder with content that exactly match the description you are linked to. And I will take a folder there are actualy isnt listed. Then I will see if the folder then listed or not. And if not there must be an complete other problem with the scrapping- engine that have nothing to do with filenames…

I’ve found TinyMediaManager to work wonders in organizing my media.

… TMM looks good on the 1st view. I have give it a try but failed…
TMM found i.E. all my “Dr. House” and also sort it correct by echelon (right word?). But TMM don’t scrap it… I belive Dr. House is worldwhide known…
… and at the moment many popups comming up let me know that TMM cant rename temp files… TMM dont work on UNC?!?

Update: Now TMM found Dr.House… I’m probably too impatient… sorry… I will give it a try…

Back to topic… Funny, funny, funny at all LOL

Example: Star Wars, Episodes 1 to 6

1st try:

Foldername: “Star Wars”
Filenames: “Star Wars (Roman numeral) - (Titel in german) ep0” where x is the episode similar to roman numeral

I got after rescan “LEGO Star Wars” with emty folder LOL

2nd try:

Change Foldername and Filename to “Krieg der Sterne” (german title).

I got after rescan “Star Wars: The Clone Wars / Animation/Children” with emty folder ROFL

Ok, you can say what you want… the scraping is’nt realy helpful at the moment… sorry, helpful for a laught it is (like Yoda) :wink:

I follow the helpfile “2.1 Single episode / Without season” that tell me to insert “… epXY”. That’s exactly what I have do… So where is the fault now?

You are looking at “Star Wars, Episodes 1 to 6” which are MOVIES.

^^^^^^^^ This is ONLY relevant for TVshows…

Are your sources separated by Movies and TVshows?? You’ll never get this right if you have them combined…

… then I don’t understand that whole stuff ^^ A TV-“Show” is like “Circus Halligalli”, “Ophera”, “Wetten das” and other things where people interact with each other. A TV-“Series” like “Dr. House” is not a show. Presumably the German interpret different from the rest of the world, but for us / me is there a big difference. Therefore, I am so far assumed that a film series is meant by “Series” and not TV-Show ^^

A Serie and a TVshow are different in my eyes but both can have a series. Starwars, Startrek a.s.o. are the best example for that. Startrek runs as TV-Series also as a Cinema- Series and also as Childrens animated afternoon- funkeeping.
For me all it’s a series where minimum three films are every build on the former one. So for me Arnolds “Terminator” is a Series also as “Jim Knopf & Lukas” and "Dr. House. How you make the difference ?
And from this view I create from root a folder “/Spielfile” (Films), “/Serien” (Series), “/Musik” (Musicvideos) a.s.o. and sort it physical this way. To creat a Folder /Series under /Films and have an extra Basefolder /Series make not sense and it’s realy different from a homogen structure…

Long story short: Is there a way to keep my pysical struktur and get a near correkt scrapping?

Answer: No. Your structure is one that will not be properly recognized and handled by Kodi.

Surely you understand the difference between TV media and Film media. These two MUST be separated in order for scraping to work properly. In regards to Kodi and media, the word series is applied exclusively to TV shows and not to theatric film franchises. Resolve this issue and ensure proper file naming conventions and your scraping issues will be gone.

Ok, it’s ultimately a decision on whether I want to use KODI or whether I stay with my physical structure.
For me, and especially for the members of my family, the physical structure is more logical than the specifications of KODI. Thus, the decision has been made.

Thank you for your kind support and help in clarifying.