Scraping TV Show - Posters not displaying/retrieved

Not sure if this is a The Movie Database issue or not.

I’ve looked on the OSMC and TMDB website to see if this issue has been raised and couldn’t find anything.

I added some new TV Shows 2 days ago and everything has scraped successfully apart from the
Poster/Icon so I get a white folder icon displaying in the TV Shows wall.

Previously I had no issues scraping the posters for TV Shows.

Nothing has changed on the setup of the Vero 4K+ Interestingly new movies I added at the same time have scraped successfully and display the poster in the Movie wall (no white folder) I have removed the TV show from the database and rescraped with the same result.

I use the Amber skin for Kodi but changed back to the OSMC skin to check and it also isn’t pulling the artwork.

Looking through the available art using OSMC skin both the folder and icon entries are empty.

Any help would be most appreciated

If you go to one of the movies affected, context menu, information, then hit “refresh” then tell it yes to ignoring local information, does this fix the issue for that movie?

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately not. On refreshing the TV Show using that method the poster still does not show.

Check settings>media>videos>use video tags> and make sure that is off. If it was on then turn it off and try refreshing a TV show again. If that is not it then I would suggest to reboot, turn on debug logging, refresh a TV show, and then upload logs and post the link to them here.

EDIT: Sorry bit of a brain fart there with the video tag setting. I realized as soon as I hit enter that will only affect the matching of the episodes, not affect the artwork. Go to the information window and to the choose art section. Pick a poster that is something other than the first two pictures listed. If the artwork then displays then I think you might have to either wait 24hrs and then switch the artwork back to what it was (if that is what you want) or just dump your artwork cache and let it rebuild. If there is an error with the art Kodi does not update a cached image if the source artworks file name is the same as something it cached within the previous day. If you choose some other art that should change immediately.

Kodi v18 by any chance? If so, you need to change to the scraper add-on Information Providers > TV Information > TMDb TV Shows

Once added, you need to update the Sources to use the replacement add-on

Thanks for both your replies to my thread.
I tried adding another show yesterday, scraped and the poster came down for it.

The two shows that are not showing the poster are actually scraping the episode info correctly so I’m assuming the API is not retrieving the poster for some reason.

As a work around I’ve loaded the posters manually for these 2 shows
Thanks again

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